Eseniya Lanskaya is a visual artist whose practice is defined by the unique set of mixed media techniques among which are drawing, acrylic and ultraviolet painting, liquid art. This choice is made in order to set up a better mental and emotional communication with viewers, discovering the astral reality.

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Artist statement


I always used to like Buddhism as, in opposition to other religions, it doesn't set you any boundaries.
On the contrary, it helps to see interconnections between the environment, thoughts, actions and the way they shape present and future. It enables us to take full responsibility for our lives and influence it's entire course.

All actions impact our karma, which then manifests in the form of the physical reality we live in. 

Even though we can't physically see karma, it can be traced through "non-conformist" spiritual practices. One of my choice is the astral plane travelling.
It gives me opportunity to see the true nature of people personalities, events and society dynamics,
in order to portray them further in my artworks.

I choose various mixed media techniques to fully express my artistic intention, although giving preference to a classical canvas, when it comes
to the supports choice.

“Aim of my artworks is to portray the physically invisible spiritual manifestation of the universe, interconnecting the nature, environment, people personalities
And To Question The Boundaries between The Good And The Evil... ...  ”

Art Projects

“The Enlightened“


Currently I am working on a special project,
dedicated to all children, who suffer from incurable diseases. My aim is to share the life stories of all these little sweeties, revealing their characters and supporting their courageous families.

I myself suffered from anorexia nervosa for 5 years years. When I reached the limit there were few people, who expected me to get well.

For reference, there are only 10% of all anorexic patients worldwide, who survived the illness and started a new healthy life.

I know, that my experience is incompatible against sufferings of cancer patients, but it made me deeply understand the nature of that physical and emotional pain. That's why I started valuing every single moment, that's why I decided to share the endless wisdom of the enlightened people and support families, who find themselves helping their children to fight against the illness.

On the contrary, there are many people worldwide, who are physically healthy, but their inner being is ill. Through “The Enlightened” project I am aiming to share that pure wisdom, acquired through spiritual communication with the children.

Painting a person for me is a sacred process, as enables me to see his/her inner spirit, reveals character
and uncovers the invisible part of the person's existence.

Coming soon…


“Invisible Reality”

Invisible reality is an art project based on my astral plane travelling experiences. It is the quintessence of unique artistic perception and astral reality paradigms. It is a mirror, which reflects destinies, social influences and nature of the universe through the astral plane prism.