Be The Worst You Can Be


Today I would like to thank Charles Saatchi for his amazingly inspiring books, which he "writes" in an extravagant way, replying to million questions from journalists, artists and others around the world. I must admit, that the book "Be The Worst You Can Be" opened my eyes.

To explain, I was grown up under the "regiment" of my granny, as if we were living Sin UK. She showed me how to present myself, taught me excellent manners, but, as you know, all approaches have some sort of duality. The problem was, that I learned to please people, to adjust and make them like me by all means and that's the behavior I am intended to correct to grow personally. Charles Saatchi in his book does't tell you to be evil, but helps to see the problem and find the way to fix it to live in the nowadays world. Apart from that the book contains Charles tricky creative answers, which make you see things from the other hand.

Have you had that "pleasing" problem? How have you changed the things?

PS: Now I can't wait to read the "Artoholic" book.

Have an awesome day!