It Bene Or Male

It Bene Or Male


In a visual game of directed tensions the logical pattern ceases to form a concrete judgment, constraining the viewer to the effortless encoding of the depicted symbols. Only in this way it is possible to become aware of the external influences, which guide our thoughts and dominate our perceptions.

Furthermore, there are two of the above mentioned external perceptual levels: first one collects all cliché and is formed by the society we live in, while another one is formed by our super-ego which we, by mistake, perceive as part of ourselves.

Catholic images of good are filled with symbols of sanity, such as halos and light angelic wings. The bad and devilish is portrayed in the form of snakes, when many cultures admit, that snake is the sign of wisdom.

Our true nature, though, does not appeal to radical judgments and accepts the coexistence of good and bad in a form of eternal and equal union.

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